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Dave Swift is a featured guest musician on Lean Musician, a platform that helps practicing musicians achieve all aspects of success, across the board. Through videos, podcasts, articles and more, Lean Musician provides and explores new approaches to help accelerate the way individuals perform, create, market, manage, practice and produce their craft.
What does it mean to be “lean”?
Being lean means creating better output using less input. A lean musician focuses time and effort more effectively to improve both their skills and enjoyment. The ultimate goal is to get the most out of practice using playful, creative and insightful processes, which give you healthier and more fulfilling experiences all round.

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Masterclasses and 1-2-1 Tuition

Master class – £50.00 to participate, £20.00 to audit

Up to five (5) bassist participants. Auditors are listeners only. Anyone is welcome to audit – bassists and fans alike.

Private lesson – sixty (60) minutes, ÂŁ70.00, room provided.
Skype – fifty (50) minutes, ÂŁ60.00.

Master classes:

In London, Dave Swift conducts his master classes in Charlton. Details provided upon request.
Occasionally Dave conducts larger master classes in other cities, sponsored by organisations that have brought him there to perform. When these are public events, they are always listed on the touring page of his website.
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Private lessons:

Dave offers in-person private lessons only in London at his home studio.
He also offers private lessons via Skype video conferencing for serious students who can’t travel to London.

Master class format and reservations:

These master classes are for performing bassists, at least college age and above. However, anyone may audit a class, including fans, friends, and non-bassists. If you’re uncertain about participating as a bassist, please audit a class first.

The format for master classes is simple. Five people play and each gets about 15 minutes in the front of the class with Dave. Everyone else audits (listens). Accompanists are subject to availability or circumstance, and each bassist uses a microphone and sound system if appropriate.

To reserve your spot for a class once it’s been scheduled, please fill in the form below, click here. If you’re interested in participating in a master class or in taking a private lesson, please include link(s) to any samples of your bass playing in your email.


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    Answers to many common questions can be found in the FAQ section.
    Dave Swift is continually generating new material of his own in addition to his busy touring schedule. Unless you are interested in participating in a master class or in receiving a private lessons, please do not send unsolicited music in any form for review or comments as they will not be considered.